Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

CBP LOGOWillmar International has decided to partner with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to help fight the growing threat of terrorism faced by our nation.  In order to do this, we must put forth the effort to better secure the international supply chain to the United States.  Part of our effort includes imparting to you, the Importer, the criticality of having your own security measures in place throughout your international supply chain.


Whether you become C-TPAT(Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified or not, it is essential to our country’s safety that you and your business partners still have security procedures in place at the point of stuffing.  As our business partner, we encourage you to have your own company procedures in place on how to inspect, properly seal, and maintain the integrity of your shipping containers/conveyances.


More complete information can be found on US Customs website by visiting


We encourage you to use these guidelines that have been set up by Customs as a measure of your current security procedures, to help identify and address any weaknesses you may have.


We also recommend that you pass this information along to others in your international supply chain, so that they too may examine and improve their security measures.


Willmar International recommends C-TPAT certification to all of our client-importers.  As such, you could receive many benefits including reduced intensive examinations, access to an assigned Customs Supply Chain Security Specialist (SCSS), and priority handling of your import shipments to name a few.


If you have any questions about becoming C-TPAT certified, please feel free to contact us via email at, or by phone at (419)257-1800.


Report Suspicious Activiity 1-800-Be-Alert